How to Monitor DB2/Oracle/Mysql Database from ICINGA

How to Monitor DB2/Oracle/Mysql Database from ICINGA2

Do i need to install any modules for DB2/Oracle/Mysql in ICINGA2 before i start adding hosts in icinga director?
Oracle/DB2/MYSQL Modules installed by default in icinga 2?
How can i integrate DB2 and start monitoring with ICINGA2?
Where can i find Plugins for DB2/ORACLE/MYSQL for ICINGA2?
Where can i find Spoon feeding/Dummy documents for ICINGA2 to monitor DB2/ORACLE/MYSQL?

yes you can monitor your database using icinga , please find these links below

to monitor any of these databases we need to install perl modules

  1. MYSql( Perl-module DBD::Sybase )
  2. DB2 ( Perl-Module DBD::DB2 )
  3. ORACLE ( perl-modules DBI and DBD::Oracle )

do we need to install these in ICINGA server / target servers?
Post this
Addind the all the Oracle/DB2/MYSQL hosts in icinga director and start monitoring form dashboard?

for monitoring databases you could try the scripts fom
If you have to install some libraries which the scripts needs, you have to install in on that Icinga Server who runs it.
Some scripts needs also the db driver on the server.

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