How to monitor a rescent Netapp?


we want to monitor a Netapp, but most checks i found are not working very well with newer ontap versions. Anyone has a tip for a good, working checkplugin?

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we are using this script: to monitor our NetApp . But for running this, you have to install the netapp-manageability-sdk. You should get this from the netapp website with your customer account.


+1 for these scripts!
They work really well.

As Stevie said, simply “install” (meaning unpack) the most recent netapp managability sdk to /usr/lib/netapp-manageability-sdk (default in the scripts).
You will probalby need to install some missing perl libraries as well.

Another check I implement is for the autosupport status.
I do this with a simple SNMP check, as I haven’t found a script for this using the API:

AUTOSUPPORTSTATUS (has to be "1") (autosupportStatus and autosupportStatusMessage) (ok (1),smtpFailure (2),postFailure (3)smtpPostFailure (4),unknown (5))
(Description: An indication of the current status of auto support on the appliance. Describes the success or failure of most recent  attempts to send auto supports.)
./check_snmp -H <hostaddress> -o . -o . -C <community> -P 1 --label AUTOSUPPORTSTATUS -c 1
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Thanks for your answers, i will give that a try!

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