How to migrate Icinga1 configuration to icinga2


We have a setup of Icinga1 with mysql as DB for monitoring our hosts and services running on it. We are in process of upgrading the setup to Icinga2 version.

Could you please let me know is there any way we can port these Icinga1 configurations to Icinga2. Also, it would be great if you share with me the steps/ways to perform this migration.

Thanks !!!

Migrating From Icinga 1x - Icinga 2 is a
good place to start if you haven’t already seen it.


There are also some scripts that help with the migration:

But they only convert a part of the icinga 1 configuration. Your will always need to do some configuration manual.

Keep in mind that it might be better (in the long term) to start from scratch.

I typically recommend rethinking and redoing the configuration instead of an automated migration. Because you do not only want Icinga 2 running with an Icinga 1 style object orientated configuration, but a proper Icinga 2 style rule based configuration.

Thanks, Antony Stone, Nexo, and Dirk for your suggestions.