How to merge nrpe into Icinga Director

Helllo, where I deployed check_nrpe in our Icinga 2 server side, and choose one managed OS with nrpe daemon running and with related commands deployed in managed OS. And I can run well in Icinga 2 server side from command line:
/usr/lib/nagios/plugins/check_nrpe -H -c root_disk
DISK OK - free space: / 15101 MB (81.99% inode=99%);| /=3316MB;14734;16576;0;18418

My question is how to deploy this request in Icinga Director inside “Host Template”. I create a new “Host Template” and choose “Check command”. And I can find nrpe, but I just don’t know how to call detail monitor module, which is called by [check_nrpe -H … -c “Detail monitor command”]. Hope someone can guide me by detail, because I’m really the new comer of this topic. thanks.

Hi Huang,
You may add nrpe as a new command if it is not already present after you did a kickstart in director.
If it does not exist, than add it with some arguments like nrpe_arguments, nrpe_command and so on. The typical runtime variables of nrpe that you might know :slight_smile:
Than add the suggested new arguments as fields to the command and create services or service template with the nrpe command and the specific custom vars.