How to link to the check in Icingaweb from Notifications?


I’m improving readability and usefulness of the service and host notifications we’re sending out. One Improvement is to link to the host/service in Icingaweb and I can’t find a predefined macro for that purpose - am I missing something?

I know others have solved that, but I couldn’t find a nice solution yet.

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you can set the notification_icingaweb2url parameter in your Notification template to your icingaweb2 url: docs.


Thanks @fluxX - I’ve seen this but that’s just the “base-URL”, e.g. the URL to the front-page of the Icingaweb2 installation, so e.g. “https://icinga2.example.tld

I’ve now looked at the mail-notification scripts and found what I was missing yesterday: Based from this base URL, the final URL is concatenated with additional stuff, so that the resulting URL is looking like