How to install Icinga2 on airgapped/offline system

I am trying to install Icinga2- on a RHEL8 64-bit VM, with 0 connection to the outside world. All files are moved to this system manually. So far, I have been unable to find a package that includes everything needed that does not rely on reaching out to the internet for some portion of the installation.

Is there any bundle out there I can download to install Icinga2 without an internet connection?

You could mirror

I think there is an rpm command to show all dependencies, so you just need to grab them too. yumdownloader may be useful to you as well. The trial-and-error method would be to download icinga2 and then just keep downloading dependencies as needed.

Personally I would just download every package you need using an Internet connected machine, but installing via rpm (not yum or dnf) to test. Once you have that sorted out, write to USB stick or whatever media you use to transfer and it should install fine.

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Wouldn’t it be much easier to just mirror our yum repo locally?

This would be simpler - but the way our enterprise is set up, sys admins have no control over repos. I don’t have the rights to create a mirrored repo and it would be a very long process to request the right people to do it.