How to i pass positional paramaters

I am trying to run this command from the director, but I cannot figure out how to pass positional paramaters. Can you provide me some guidance as how to set this up?

./ defunct 1 5 15
Zombie process - 0 zombies: defunct processes

Thank you for your time.

Hi @jwells0823

can you show us your current progress? You can define the order of the arguments with the ‘position’ attribute (from 0 to x) and if you do not want/need parameters (like -H) you can set ‘Skip key’ for the argument to true.

Thanks, that was a big help. But now, how do I set up something to manipulate these values in a service template, or at the host levelt?

You can use variables :slight_smile:
After that, you can add them via the ‘Fields’ tab.

Great, thank you! Would you know how to override those variables on a per host basis? I have added those variables as indicated, created data fields, and then created a service template, created a service set, and then a host template and assigned some hosts to that host template. Is it possible for me to have specific values for host-a, and then host-b take the default values?

I feel like whatever value I set on the host, to override the template value, is being ignored. Perhaps I have done something wrong?

I don’t know much about service sets, but I think overriding service vars should do what you are looking for. Can you show us the host preview with the override part? Like:

    vars["_override_servicevars"] = {
        disk = {
            disk_wfree = "10%"

I wonder why the variable is called zombie_critical_level but the servicevars say CRITLEVEL in your case.