How to have another monitoring system use SNMP to take the status of hosts and services from Icinga2


I am integrating with another BMS type system and they seem to only support SNMP (up to v3). They are looking to take the status of some specific services that Icinga2 is already monitoring.

Ideally I would like a simple way to expose some service statuses via SNMP. We have our own enterprises OID for this task.

I have looked at SNMPd and it seems there is a way to do that using the pass/extend feature but I was wondering if there was anyone else who had a similar requirement and how they got it working. Maybe by writing their own MIB?

There is no way for these guys to support REST/JSON unfortunately. Or anything else apart from MODBUS etc. It’s lucky they even do SNMP.

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many years ago I’ve used snmpd with extends to inject custom OIDs with scripts fetching the data. You could write such and query the REST API from these scripts.

It may be a problem with performance, so putting a file cache in the middle which periodically fetches data from Icinga 2’s API into it, might be a good idea later.


Looking for something similar. Reading from ICINGA API or DB and make the system check status available to 3rd party via SNMP.