How to fetch performance data from third party check plugins

Hello everybody,

while integrating our Icinga data into a newly set up Grafana instance, I noticed that for some checks I get no valid data points to display. E.g. we got checks running which query switches for their memory usage, active fans, temperature etc. using these scripts for extreme switches. The displayed check results are something like

“detected 6 fans: 0 are bad”

“Temperature OK: 56°C”

“Memory OK: 65.37%”

etc. Anyways, this seems to be just plain text being returned, not actual performance data. Is there a way to conveniently extract those and pass them on to influxdbwriter, in our case?

Best regards

Personally I would edit the Perl scripts so that they output the data in a
more convenient format, including performance data.

shoudl give you some pointers.

Otherwise just look for any decent tutorial on writing Nagios plugins; the
output data format is identical for Icinga.


The check plugins have to deliver performance data as described here.

Hi Daniel,

I’m afraid that the scripts you use do not support performance data output.

But take a look at Nagios/Icinga Plugin Developement Guide - should be easy to adopt the scripts.


Thank you very much, so there is an intended way of doing this. I will adapt the scripts or write my own then and close this thread. :slight_smile: