How to export Graphite Graphs from Icingaweb2

Hi all,

pretty much latest versions of Icinga2/Icingaweb2 and have just installed the latest graphite module for Icingaweb2. What I don’t see is how to export a graph (via pdf and the pull down menu in Icingaweb). In this case where there is only one graph (pull down menu has no export):

And the strange thing is, in a check where there is the ‘display all graphs options’ it opens another page and shows the graph and there is a pulldown for export to pdf.

Am I missing a trick? Thanks

Hello @Radius540R!

Are you interested in that single graph or would you like a fancy PDF around it?


Hello! (Sorry was on hols)

Just a single graph. Thing is I know if you tweak the url you can get to a page where you could make a graph export available but there is no link and I might need to ask some of my users to do this in the future and they might not be ‘URL tweakers’… if I may be so diplomatic…

Have you tried to right-click on the desired graph and open image in a new tab or similar?

That opens the image in a new tab but it’s not an export, per se, it’s just a picture, there is nothing i can do with it from any menu or button.

Can you save it via Crtl+S?