How to escape special chars -- parentheses -- in Director (Service Set assign rule)

Hi everyone,


I try (but fail) to assign a Service Set in Director – when a custom var value includes parentheses.

My assign rule definition: host.vars.myarray contains (mytest)


The resulting error: /* Invalid filter ""(mytest)"=host.vars.myarray", unexpected ( at pos 2 */




Do you know how to correctly escape special characters like parentheses in Director?
(Or where to RTFM.)


Plain Icinga2's escape sequences don't work.

Language Reference - Icinga 2 (Snapshot)

In my case, escaping with backslash and octal encoding, \50mytest\51 just becomes \\50mytest\\51 in Director).

Same with putting $ in front of my special chars.

Thanks. :v: – Barney