How to enable Available memory monitoring in Linux servers

Hello Team,

I am using nrpe for performance monitoring on Linux servers. I am getting lot of alerts on free memory. Is it possible to consider available memory in the alert settings for monitoring instead of free memory


it would help us in the community a lot to know which check-command you are using and how the service definition looks like.

Hi @stevie-sy, the below is my service definition

apply Service “Memory” {
import “service_check”
check_command = “check_nrpe”
vars.nrpe_command = “check_mem”
vars.nrpe_arguments = [ ]
assign where host.vars.os == “Linux”


and which script/check is defined behind the check_command “check_nrpe” on your system? I find two diffrent checks in the web: a perl and a bash script. Depending which one you have installed/configured, you could check the possible params

Hi @stevie-sy,

I am using

Reference: [ plugins/master/check_mem/]

If you check the source or the argument list you would see what is possible with this check

sub usage() {
  print "\ v1.0 - Nagios Plugin\n\n";
  print "usage:\n";
  print " -<f|u> -w <warnlevel> -c <critlevel>\n\n";
  print "options:\n";
  print " -f           Check FREE memory\n";
  print " -u           Check USED memory\n";
  print " -C           Count OS caches as FREE memory\n";
  print " -h           Remove hugepages from the total memory count\n";
  print " -w PERCENT   Percent free/used when to warn\n";
  print " -c PERCENT   Percent free/used when critical\n";
  print "\nCopyright (C) 2000 Dan Larsson <dl\>\n";
  print " comes with absolutely NO WARRANTY either implied or explicit\n";
  print "This program is licensed under the terms of the\n";
  print "MIT License (check source code for details)\n";
  exit $exit_codes{'UNKNOWN'};

The memory check is useless and always has been. We use this one and it takes into account available memory and swap (configurable): Useful Icinga/Nagios Linux Memory check · GitHub