How to disable perfdata for ping


Could you advise where to disable perfdata option for ping. In default service template witch use hostalive command, there is perfdata option turned off. But ping still gets metrics.

When I inspected the host service find out that perf data is set on true. checked director regarding ping4 command and there is no service that using it.


if you are using the director you have to set this in the template:

if you write plain config files, you have to set the option “enable_perfdata” to false.
Service: Object Types - Icinga 2
Host: Object Types - Icinga 2

I’m using Icinga Director only and in Director there is no Perfdata enabled for service template with ping command.
I checked “ping4” command and Director says that no service uses it …
Proppablly it’s sewn up somewhere

this is host template, for a checed host there is only one service template with hostalive command only

from Overview

from Overview then inspect ping command

Interesting, something is inherited incorrectly in your config.I tried it our test system and everything is fine. It can’t be the command - we use “icmp” instead of “hostalive” - because what the docs says it is controlled from the host/service definition. In the case of the director it is controlled by the templates.

If you click on “Preview” at your host defintion and then “show resolved”, what does the director show you?

hi @stevie-sy

I solved the problem by add “enable_perfdata = false” statment in template.cfg >> generic-service


I’m wondering now, because you wrote

and now you changing plain config files. Could it be the files from /etc/icinga2/conf.d? If yes, didn’t you disable it like mentioned in the docs? Configuration - Icinga 2. Because like written there, these are examples file and mixing this with your own config it may cause problems - as you see now :wink: