How to delay notification for Warning state but only for memory

Hi there,

We have a distributed environment for Icinga and I have setup Slack notifications for all hosts and services.

Now some of our servers max out the RAM for brief moments and send Warning or Critical alerts to my Slack channel. What I want to do is to delay the notification for Warning state and for only Windows Memory. Is this possible?

I found that I can use “times.begin”, but this sets it for all notifications, which is not what I want.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

Thank you!

Have you tried splitting the notifications?

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Thanks for your response!
Would this be in the slack-notifications-configuration.conf ? Also, do you know how I would set it to only do it for the windows_mem?

Thank you!

I don’t even know how you’ve configured it at the moment.

@Al2Klimov No worries! I actually just figured it out. Your comment to split the notifications set me on the right path :slight_smile: I created another notification in the slack config with a different name and also set the times.begin to 5m then changed the notification in my service! Working well now. Thank you!

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