How to debug a configuration issue?

I’m sorry, @ciberandy. I’m afraid I have no idea what’s the problem.

And you’re the expert! Thanks for trying anyway.
So, what do you recommend? Should I open an official bug report? If so, where?

I don’t think there’s a bug here.

But it’s not working as you and I expect.
Why is that not a bug?

IMAO you and I just oversee an elephant. But I’ve no idea which one.

ok, so what should we do with this animal?
Hunting it is not an option as elephants are protected, I think. :slight_smile:

Anyone? What makes sense in this case?

Hi @ciberandy,

In your first post, the Service Apply rule says vars + = host.vars.uptime1, but I can’t find what’s actually in it. Could you please post a full plug and play sample of your configuration so that we can reproduce it?

Best regards,