How to create sub group in host groups

I have Cisco routers & switches in my environment. I have created a host group “Cisco”. I want to create sub groups Routers & Switches inside the host group “Cisco”. how should in mention that in the host.conf

Hello @prajithvs,
You are not able to define a group as a sub group of another group. You can create different group with a different name.

‘Cisco’ host group
‘Routers’ host group
‘Switches’ host group

Than setup a apply rule using ‘&&’ to filter the resources you want to monitor in each group.


@aclark6996, Thanks for the info. There are so many host groups for me. So I want to sort them with subgroups. That was my requirement.


if you take a look into the docs Object Types - Icinga 2, you’ll see that there is no parameter “parent” to define a parent hostgroup.

You could build your grouping “levels” into your hostgroup names, e.g. “Switches_Cisco”. If your problem is to have to see all these groups in a listing, I can strongly recommend building dashlets (in your “Dashboard” menu choice in the normal Icinga2 navigation) which select certain (sub-) groups to show only; and then use the std. listing of hostgroups in the normal navigation less and less…