How to create notification groups based on time and variables?

I want to do the following:
I want to have notification-groups based on zones and also escalation-groups. Now I want to have a variable which defines that:
during office hours: everybody gets the notification-groups assigned
out of office: only the people having a certain variable declared (like standby) get the notification-groups assigned, while another variable (like standby-backup) gets the escalation groups assigned. Everybody else gets nothing assigned
People with the vacaion-variable set get no groups assigned.

Thus everybody gets notifications during office hours and after that only the people on standby get them and if they don’t react, their backup are getting them. People on vacation get none.
What would be the best way to do this?

Currently everybody gets all the time everything and when vars.vacation is set to true, their groups are empty (or reduced to some they want to get anyway).

Hello there!

It looks a lot like a lot of this can be done via the notification configuration described here:

Did you look into that yet?


Thanks. And yes, I looked into this but I don’t understand how I would get to what I want.
I wonder how others implement something like this.

I shared your post from the icinga twitter account.
Let’s hope this gets some fresh eyes :slight_smile:

Thanks. I just found a solution two days ago.

I defined a couple of periods (Office Time, holidays) and then I assign groups and periods depending on custom-user-variables. Since we are a small team, it is doable that one person changes variables each week depending on the schedule. And if necessary I create several users for one user for special cases.
I didn’t know that you can assign periods to users. Finding out and understanding about that brought the solution.

That is a job for NOMA2 (@elippmann) duckandrunsveryfast

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Okay, good to hear you found a fitting solution!

And thank you for sharing it here too :slight_smile:

Have a nice day!

Yep that’s indeed one for NoMa :laughing: It’s not that it’s dead it’s just postponed.
We wished and kind of promised to already have it released but then reality caught up with us.
But we’re getting there piece by piece.