How to check my fritzbox (AVM router) for update?

I am a icinga2 and icinga director newbee.

What steps to i need to do to run:

against my fritzbox at

Where to put the compiled golang-binary? Do i need to configure a “meta config file” or something? Looks like “custom” commands are listed in DB, too, how to add them there?
What steps do i need to do (from start to finish)?

(there are so many concepts / fragments that i got confused)


in order to use this check plugin you have to compile it first, you need Go installed to compile the source code. Unfortunately there are no pre-compiled binaries. Once you compiled the binary you can move it to your Icinga 2 plugin directory.

As an alternative without compiling you can use the following check plugin, it is programmed by me.

The check method device_update will check for updates.

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