How to apply master service template to the hosts

I setup another icinga web server in our domain I noticed before I import my config with my templates, few services is added to mnonitoring the own server such as

  • disk
  • http
  • icinga
  • load
  • ping 4
  • ping 6
  • procs
  • swap
  • users

I was wondering if I can have these template for another hosts I added afterward and if possible how do I do that?

The second question would be How to I disable or remove one of this service from the host (icinga master) like Ping 6 one as it throws an error saying Network unreachable.



could you tell us what you mean with this

is this a second master (in a HA setup), is this a sperate icingaweb2 server or is this a normal server which icinga as an agent where there is running a web server with apache, nginx, IIS etc to host some website.

Why I’m asking? In a cluster config the templates etc. should be synced automaticly, if they are saved in the correct path.

@stevie-sy It’s a separate master

You need only copy your service template in the correct/same directory in the new seperated master. If you are using the director, you could use the basket function.

This depends how you defined the rules. That means you either delete the rule or chance the assign rules

I think I didn’t describe my issue clearly. my question was about self monitoring icinga2 master. before adding any hosts or services, Master is getting monitored by listed services in my original comment. I was wondering how can I add any of those services to other hosts or service template?

Ok, assigning service checks to the master is the same than like assigning service checks to other hosts to check. Monitoring Basics - Icinga 2. Also here the master have to exist as host object.

For self monitoring from master/satellite serviers these thread maybe interesting for you: