How install icinga web 2 (the Web Setup part of the configuration) in server

Hello, I installed icinga 2 perfectly on a computer, but now I would like to go one step further and install icinga 2 on a server. I think there should be problems when installing the package that appears in the documentation, but how should I do it? do at the time of doing the web configuration part if a graphical interface is required (to see what I do in the browser)?

Did you run into an issue installing a package or performing a given stop in the documentation?

nope, no problem when installing on the pc hehe. But you never know how it will be on a server.
My question in particular is how to do all the configuration that is done in a browser, since on a server there is no graphical interface

Can you connect to the server with a browser on your machine? Or use SSH port forwarding?

mmm not possible :frowning: and there is no way to do all part of the browser configuration in a terminal with commands?

I don’t think there is anything in Icinga2 that requires IcingaWeb2. I find it easier to use Director and obviously as a nice panel to display alerts. Is there something specific you are stuck trying to accomplish without a web interface?

mmm … not until now that I am getting stuck but I like it and it is more comfortable to check the status of the hosts from the browser, so I assume that to check the status of the hosts by terminal I must ping each terminal, or is there any way to list the hosts in a similar way to how it is done by the browser?

We may not be seeing things the same way here. What is the issue you are facing? Or perhaps a better question - what are you trying to achieve?

I want to install icinga2 on a server and be able to monitor in a comfortable way, as far as possible as it is done from icingaweb2

That’s certainly possible. What issue are you running into?