How Icinga2 distribute the Hosts in the Satellites of a zone

Hello, first of all thank you and thank you for the good work of the professionals at Icinga2

After having a consistent and stable environment, we are going to make high availability of Zones for the Satellites
Following the instructions works perfectly with the documentation provided

But I have not been able to know how Icinga2 distributes the hosts in each of the Satellites of the Zones and if it is possible to prioritize the Hosts in a specific Satellite

Thank you

Hi and welcome :slight_smile:

You can read about the object authority here:
High Availability: Object Authority

The object authority calculation works “offline” without any message exchange. Each instance alculates the SDBM hash of the config object name, puts that in contrast modulo the connected endpoints size. This index is used to lookup the corresponding endpoint in the connected endpoints array, including the local endpoint. Whether the local endpoint is equal to the selected endpoint, or not, this sets the authority to true or false .

It is quite complex tbh.
Iirc from the Icinga training you can’t pin a host/service to a specific satellite.

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Thanks for the reply
As you can not control where the hosts are checked that they are in an area shared by two satellites.
Satellites can be configured (active, passive)
I wanted to have two independent satellites (for infrastructure) but in case it fails I want another satellite to continue monitoring

No, Icinga 2 only has active-active clusters.
If you have a zone with two satellites in it, they will distribute the checks between them. If one of the satellites goes offline, the remaining one will take over the checks done by the other until then. If the 2nd satellite comes online again the checks will automatically get ditributed between both satellites again.

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