How configure command in Director


I am working with Director(1.6.2 ) in ubuntu 16.
I would like to check file with check_winfile.exe in windows host.
In the default install of Icinga2 client this file was missing.
I copied this file manually in c:\Program Files (x86)\ICINGA2\sbin\ folder.
After I configured Director:
Create>Add Command>
—> command type:Plugin check command.
—> Command* check_winfile.exe
I added Argument> --target --> $check_winfile_Dirname$

After I cteated Service template and I configured this template for a windows machine.

After the deploy I get the following error message:Check command ‘check_winfile.exe’ does not exist.

What was wrong in my configuration?
(other question: If i would like to create own check command xxx.exe how can I add to ICINGA2 monitoring system by Director?)

Thanks you,


you need to give the full path in the Command field.

Since you have copied your check binary to the sbin folder (where the builtin Icinga 2 Windows checks are located) you can use the default constant PluginDir.

PluginDir + /check_winfile.exe

On Window the default constant PluginDir points to the sbin directory.

Can you specify this? Do you need information about how to write a check plugin or do you need more information about how to add it to your environment (Icinga 2 Agent, Director, etc)?


Thanks Michael,

I tried your suggestion, but same the situation.

Mainly, I need a step by step description how can I configure the director to call my xxx.exe on remote machine.
The xxx.exe will be created by C++ or C# or other.
I think If I know how can I configure director to my application, I can create some special monitoring function.