How can I redirect from one view to another view?


I am currently developing a module for icingaweb 2. I’m facing an issue where I have a view with input fields and a submit button. When pressing the submit button I currently am altering the view to show a success message. But I need the view to change to another view. I basically want to go back one page. How could I achieve this?

Michel W


our forms already have such a handling in place. Just set the url on the form object and it’s utilized once the submit is finished.

use Icinga\Web\Url;

// Also accepts just the path as string
$url = Url::fromPath('yourmodule/controller/action', ['param' => 'value']);

$form = new YourForm();

If you want to perform a redirect manually, you can do this in two ways:

In the controller:


With the response anywhere else:

use Icinga\Application\Icinga;

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