Hosts and Services Checks Stucked in Pending State

Hello All,
I have onboarded multiple IT Assets in icinga. Basically I have configured Icinga in Distributed Mode. One Master and Two Satellites. From last 6 months that stack was working fine but now few hosts whose check is on satellite are in pending state I dont know why. Another thing is that If I add a new host and put the check source on satellite node then it also goes on pending but it works fine if its check source is master.
I am using Icingaweb2 version 2.8.2
icinga version 2.11
php 7.3
director 1.7
Also If any one can help me regarding this, how to fix this issue, that will be a great favor. My orgranization inside infrastructure montioring SLA has been compromised due to this issue. I have gone through multiple links online to troubleshoot this issue but was not able to find a reasonable issue.
I am anxiously waiting for the response.



I’d recommend to start checking icinga.log on every node. Usually you’ll find a hint what’s wrong.

I have checked but didnot found any sutiable answers.

Which versions of icinga are involved? Have implemented checks like cluster-zone to be informed whether zones are connected?

zones are connected using the config in zones.conf file. and we have run the node wizard from satellite nodes. Also the version involved are mentioned above