Hostgroups Member View different to productive config


Is there any known bug in the membership of hostgroups view in the director?
The membership view in the director is not the same as the hosts which are in the hostgroups in reality.

Example: 11 Wireless Controllers with the custom property “Network Element = WLC”

Hostgroup Rule from “Global Wireless Controllers”: assign where “Network Element = WLC”.

After deployment in the real hostgroup view from icinga (all 11 devices correct):

Hostgroup Membership view in the director (only 2 devices -> 9 missing):

This happens in a lot of hostgroup rules and this is only one example.
The bug confuses some users of Icinga. I already tested this in a new version of icinga on a testsystem and it´s the same issue.

Thanks for help!

Hmm, can you render the Director configuration deployment and extract all parts with the HostGroup objects and groups attribute involved? I’d like to get a better idea on how to reproduce this.


Unfortunately it´s not possible to upload our configuration of our company. I can try to recreate the scenario in our testsystem with testhosts.
But it´s really easy to reproduce one bug (case sensitiv). The other described problem above seems to be a other problem.
It seems that the membership view in the director is case sensitive, and in Icinga it´s not.

How to reproduce this?

Create this hosts:

Create the hostgroup “Test” with the rule, apply to " = test* "

All hosts will appear in the hostgroup after deploying. The problem is if you go in the membership view in the director only “test-host-1” and “test-host-4” will be shown.

I lack the time to test it, that’s why I wanted to see everything. Which Director version are you using?

Icinga Productive System: 1.4.0

Icinga Testsystem: 1.6.2

Both systems have problems

These are example configurations with the case sensitiv problem.
host.conf (330 Bytes)
host_templates.conf (1.2 KB)
hostgroups.conf (80 Bytes)

This is the view problem in the director (2 missing):

Actual impact: