host.vars.{customField} to map to service.vars.{customField}


We are trying to have host.var.u_CompanyName be mapped with a custom variable for all the services on top of that host.

The data field name

Host Variable is visible as we have manually added it in director

From Director

From Host Dashboard


And in the custom field of service template we have defined the following

From over-ride screen

But the value AG is not getting populated in the service and is just showing the entire variable literally

From Service Dashboard


Someone has created a github issue just 2 days ago for exactly this topic:

no answers yet, though.

Not sure if resolving this connection is even possible with the IDO database model (which is the base for the webinterface)?!

Hello @log1c

No that was not me definitely to open that Git Issue

When we take the xml dump the value is not resolving as well

Basically our purpose was to pass this value to ServiceNow which polls /v1/objects/services periodically to see alerts