Host-Templates with an API key?


I setup a new icinga2 instance today and want to use the icinga director Self Service API for Windows agent deployment but I can not find the API key field in the host template in director like in the screenshot (Self Service API - Icinga Director).

Thank you for your help.

Search for the Agent Tab of the host template.


Perfect, thank you & have a good day.

hi, is there a way to get it through cli ?

@max13 the idea is, that you generate it once in the web interface and then put it in your cli scripts. It’s a saver replacement for user and password to access the director from the cli.

yes I did this but one time the token disappears and I had to regenerate it (which make my script wont work we the old one obviously). For you the token never change ?

The template tokens - one for Windows and one for Linux - haven’t yet disappeared for me.
Maybe you can record the requests in the web developer tools of your browser and figure out how to generate a new one via cli if it vanishes again or go full one hardcore and use SQL to directly manipulate the director DB.

Okay so I can confirm, host template token doesn’t disappear at all … I was drunk probably :rofl:
Thanks for your help !