Host structure and checks for 3 tiers


I’ve made it onto deploying a 3 tier setup. Previous I used a master <-> agent style configuration for my local devices. However I’m now extending to cover remote offices.

So far I’ve managed to get a Satellite server installed on a remote office site and connected with a new zone to the Master via Director (v2.11.x) I wasn’t sure about the reported bug so just continued. I’ve also deployed a simple ping check to the gateway on the remote site, which is being executed by the Satellite.

However, I’m a little unsure how to name my checks. The ping check isn’t clear where the source is, only the resultant destination. What happens if I want to ping the same target/host from multiple sources?

I guess I’m not totally understanding the architecture. Do I need to add the target/host multiple times? if so do you name it based on source->destination etc.

Views and opinions would be appreciated. I guess i’m missing something,


You gave the answer yourself :wink:
If you want to Ping Host X from Location A, B and C you will need to add it three times, as the check source is only changed when putting a host into a different zone.
You can’t put a host (with its services) in Zone A and then have a service at that host being executed from Zone B.

I, personally, would name them Host-X_from_Loc-A, Host-X_from_Loc-B and Host-X_from_Loc-C (I don’t like white space in my host names :sweat_smile: )

Thanks for the response, that’s what I was looking for.

I didn’t want to go with a naming scheme and find a limit down the road or a bad decision and have to reconfigure it all again. I’m aware Influxdb sucks up the data and doesn’t seem that easy to remove data which is no longer wanted.