Host specific check_interval


I’m very new to Icinga and I’m trying to use a different check_interval value depending on the host the check is run on.

I’ve created a custom variable (Data Field) in Icinga Director and added it to my host template. Then I filled in the values for every relevant host.

I thought I could then reverence the variable in the service templates ‘check_interval’ field like so:

However when I try to store that change, nothing happens. I assume I messed up the syntax somehow or that it simply isn’t possible to use a host variable in the ‘check_interval’ field.

How can I fix this? Is there another way to achieve the same result?

Thanks and greetings


Maybe this could help: custom variables

Tried that already, as I’ve written in my post. Thanks though.

I’ve since talked to a Icinga Developer, who told me that it’s not possible to use custom variables for the check_interval field, because that field has type ‘integer’ and hence does not allow a variable reference as input.