Host record system

Hello I am almost new to icinga and I would like you to guide me or give me examples of how to make and configure a system of records that indicates the start and end time of the change of state of a host (for example, the time was connected and disconnected I recently saw this image and it is what I want, but when I went to the image section I did not get the option to filter by notification. I hope you can help me, greetings

Where do you want these records to end up?

Do you want them in a database, a CSV file, do you want a daily / weekly report

My approach to this would be to write a notification script which looks for the
state changes you are interested in and then writes the information to
wherever you want to have it long term.


Ideally, it would be saved in an icinga database to be able to view it from icingaweb2, or it should be saved daily in a pdf. Yes! I was seeing that option to make a python script with the json data that can be obtained, but I thought that maybe there was a more direct way to do this in the icinga2 / icingaweb2 configuration