Host record system

Hello I am almost new to icinga and I would like you to guide me or give me examples of how to make and configure a system of records that indicates the start and end time of the change of state of a host (for example, the time was connected and disconnected) I recently saw this image and it is what I want, but when I went to the image section I did not get the option to filter by notification,also I would like you to deliver a text output. I hope you can help me, greetings

Hello and welcome.

My recommendation is:

a) tell us what operating system and version you are running Icinga on

b) tell us which version of Icinga you are using and how you installed it

c) if you followed any online instructions to do this, show us the URL/s

d) identify the most basic thing you’re having a problem with now that you’ve
got this far, and ask a question about it, giving enough detail about what
you’re doing and what the problem is so that we might be able to reproduce it
for ourselves if necessary

e) once that thing is dealt with and you understand it better and/or have got
it working better, move on to the next thing you want to do and ask about



Hello, I have installed the latest version of icinga2 and icinga web2 in debian 10. I have installed the latest version of icinga which I installed following the official documentation: