Host in Downtime, but Services are State: Unknown

If got a strange think…

ive got a Host (Windows VM Server, services inherited from ghe HostGroup) which is set to a Downtime.

so far so good…
the host is in Downtime, and doesnt send any warning/alert mails…
but on the Overview the Services from the Host are in State UNKNOWN.

does this must be as i wrote an i only got a thinking error or what ???


did you put the services into a downtime as well?


What Michael said, but also here’s a visual aid:


yes, the host ist set to downtime with the Flag “All Services” checked.

on the Service there is still the Pointer for Downtime, but all Checks from the Host are in State UNKNOWN, u still can see that the checks are running all 5 minutes…

Looks correct to me.
The host is DOWN, therefore the service check is in an UNKNOWN state, as it probably times out.

A downtime just disables the notifications for the configured time period for the host (or service).
It does not disable the checks completely.

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ok, so this is not a BUG…

its implemented by design…

Yeah, basically it works like this,

Downtimes are for quieting down alerts and deprioritizing them on the dashboard. They don’t actually stop checks from running. This way if you’re doing work on a host, you can still look at it to verify services are coming back up, but it’s not getting in the way of alerts that are relevant.

If checks themselves are causing some kind of problem, you can group select and uncheck the “Active Checks” box.

If you prefer to disable running checks while a host is down, you could create a dependency as documented here.