Honoring your community work - Icinga Badges all the way


helping others is a good feeling in here, and Discourse adds a couple of badges to honor your work seen by others.

It is not only about this platform, and so I’ve added some more badges saying thanks for being part of the Icinga community.

Many of you have been active over at MP, the lists or IRC and joined here - or we just know us long enough. That’s what the Veteran badge expresses.

Module and plugin developers share a common thing - try to code and learn a new language, or at least work on Icinga specific things if you code all day long already :slight_smile:

Partners active in our community channels earn your trust, even by helping you for the fun and pride here :kissing_heart:

Last but not least, community members who have created issues, pull requests and helped improve our stack for the better - thank you.



PS: Bear with me when you don’t have such a badge. The Icinga badges are manually assigned by admins. If you think you’ve been forgotten or just uploaded a new plugin or use a different GitHub username, please kindly let me know.