History show nothing expect sql-syntax

Here I am again, when I click on the web interface on history I only get sql-syntax … that´s not what I would like to see … anybody have some ideas?


You have been trying so many changes during your session and maybe your database(s) got screwed up. I’d recommend to to drop them all and recreate a empty but clean database:

# systemctl stop icinga2
# mysql -u root -p

# mysql -u root -p icinga < /usr/local/share/icinga2-ido-mysql/schema/mysql.sql
# systemctl start icinga2

(adapt the name of the database to your needs)

What will happening with my monitoring, when i do this?

All of my configuration will be away, or?

You will lose your history. Your config is not defined in the database but conf files, right?

Wait a moment. I didn’t follow the previous discussion, but before you purge your database please tell me the following:

  • which Icinga Web 2 version is this?
  • have you entered a charset for the IDO resource, and which if so?
    • please try changing the charset to latin1 if not
  • My Icinga Web Version is 2.8.1
  • I don´t have any charset for my ido ressource (I will try latin1)

It works, thank you!