History migration

in the blogpost about the release there is this sentence: “Our documentation explains in detail how you can install Icinga DB and, if necessary, migrate the existing legacy data to the new database schema.”

But I have not been able to find anything about migrating the history - it only contains information on how to migrate the configuration.
Is there a way to migrate the history?

I didn’t find anything, but I remember that I read something like “don’t worry migration will be possible” but since there is no sla module for icingadb, I wouln’t migrate fully to icingadb

the question is, do you really need to migrate historic data?
what’s your current retention policy? If you don’t have one the monitoring module event search gets pretty unusable very fast.

if your retentsion policy is 6m of 12m all you have to do is install ido and icingadb side by side for now and wait 6/12m you have all the history data you want to keep…

The migration procedures are still in progress: cmd/ido2icingadb: migrate history from IDO to Icinga DB by Al2Klimov · Pull Request #253 · Icinga/icingadb · GitHub

There is no dedicated module required for this.


I just checked and yes, it is included in icingadb web, really like that.

Best Regards Nicolas

Sure, running both and fading out would also be a posibility :slight_smile:

I have to add…
Don’t use these two simultaneously if you are planning to use the icinga migration tool mentioned by nilmerg, because it will create duplicates

Yes, that is an obvious effect, when running both.

Currently I have not decided which way to go and I have been running icingadb in a testenvironment only.