High check latency since update to r2.12.0-1

Since my icinga cluster update from 2.11.4-1.bionic to 2.12.0-1.bionic i have massive problems with high ckeck latency (~ 80s)

I have a master node with 3 zones, each zone with 2 satelites.
There are only problems with the satelites in the zone with the most service checks (~ 7000).
I cant see any problems with memory or load on that nodes.

You can see an increase in some graphs on the satelite at the time the update was performed (Check Latency, api_num_json_rpc_relay_queue_items and checkercomponent_checker_idle)
The update was performed with all nodes.

cluster check graphs:

icinga check graphs:

This is a known bug.

And since yesterday there seems to be a fix available.
I hope there will be an update in the icinga package repo soon.