Hiding custom variables like http auth pairs (user/password) from the icingaweb2 dashboard

I have a couple of services configured with vars.http_auth_pair custom variable:

object Service custom_http_service {

vars.http_auth_pair = “user:password”


inside the object Service defintion.
From what I understand, adding
*http_auth_pair to protected_customvars in /etc/icingaweb2/config.ini like so:

protected_customvars = "pw,pass,auth,*http_auth_pair"

Should mask these vars in the icingaweb2 dashboard.
I am using the dashboard with the initial icingaweb2 user I set up during install which has admin rights over the whole dashboard.
I still see the user:pass tuples on those specific services and I don’t want that.
What am I doing wrong ?


you can do that in Icinga Web 2. Nav to https://your.host/config/modules#!/monitoring/config/security, add http_auth_pair and hit Save.


image - added mssql_health_warning into the list.


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hi, did not work, the field contains
*pw*, *pass*,community, http_auth_pair
still shows the user and password on the specific host/service

Have you tried *auth*?
Works for me

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