Help whit tactical overview

I nedd to make a tactical overview whit one condition.
if one service of one host are in critical warnig etc ,all less ok ,the host of this servece must put in down or anything show the host int warnig.
If this posible?
Thx so much


i cant really undderstand your question. But you can put every query you do into a dashboard and with a litle module programming knowlesge you can put this dashboard as login default dashboard or present it to all users.


Hellow, and sorry for my english i try to explain it again.
I nedd more accurate reports, i nedd to abe to know the numbers of host which have any critical or warning status on their services.
For example if 10host have 15 warning and 3 host have 0 warnig each i nedd to be able to distinguis betweeen these host knowing that there are 10 host with warning and 3 host clear.
please let me know if it is posible to show this information directly on ``tactical overview´´

Hey there! :slight_smile:
As Carsten has mentioned, what (I think) you’re asking can be achieved via dashboards.
Have you had a look into building custom dashboards yet?
Maybe business process would also be interesting to look at?

You have been stressing the “tactical overview” in your question, which is the view with the donut graphs.
I don’t exactly see how you would integrate the info you asked for into this view…

If dashing and business process is not what you need, could you maybe provide a picture / mockup of what you would like to achieve?

Have a nice day!

Hi! and thx,
The business proces its interesting but i dont know if is what i nedd now

In the picture loock more or less what i nedd. You can lock 1722 warning services, this services are from 1722 host differents, so i nedd that 1722 host put in donw or warning.

I don’t know if it’s been understood better now and if is possible making this whit bassic icinga

You can change your host check to the check you use in these services.

i have 53 services in each host, and I need any one of them to change the state of the host.
Is it possible to do what you tell me with 53 services?
i have to add im cheking the host and services by smnp

Then you better create a BPM and monitor this BPM or you create an eventhandler to set the host to down, but then the hostcheck should be a dummy check.

Why exactly do you want it to work this way? There might be a better solution than setting the view this way. By default, all services are considered dependent on the host object, meaning they auto downtime when the host itself is considered down, making what could be wrong at the service level less visible. This is so you don’t get paged 53 times if the host stops pinging.

One thing you could do is list out your critical/unknown services by hostname alphabetically, /monitoring/list/services?service_state>=2&modifyFilter=1&sort=host_display_name