Help to deploy nagvis on Icinga2


I am trying to deploy Nagvis in icinga2 to finally try to integrate a map in dashboard dashing-icinga2.

I have first tried to deploy Nagvis, following the guide in the repository:

I didn’t succeed and there are configurations that I don’t understand or are incomplete:

where is the file nagvis.ini.php? Because when I installed the module from Git I could not find it in that directory, another directory is not mentioned in the installation.

I can’t find the core.php file either, in the documentation it says it is located in:


But I can’t find it in the folder downloaded from Git either.

Is there any other installation or files that are not listed in the Github installation guide?

Best regards.

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Hi @Laison007, the Icinga Web module is an add-on that allows you to integrate your Nagvis maps within Icinga Web, but it is not Nagvis. As the installation docs you linked above states as one of the prerequisites, you will also need to install and set up Nagvis by following their installation guides.