Help&questions regarding mails notifications

Hello community!
Recently we got the brand new icinga2 installed and trial for some hosts & services monitoring, we followed the documentation and sofar everything working fine except mail notification, we stuck here for a while now (mail not sent out when host down), everyone here giving a hand is much appreciated.

what we have done:

  • setting up icinga2 & icingadb icingadb-web & director as documentations, looking good so far.

  • local MTA config and manual test with “mail-host-notification” scripts good, i can receive the mail.

  • apply notification template & period range…etc, I followed post in this part.

  • users are created to received notification and correct mail is specified.

  • In icingaweb, narrow to “history – notification”, I can see the latest notification and Icinga indicate it was sent to right user, but it never reached mailbox of that user.

  • when execute command " icinga2 object list --type=notification" I can see all the objects but seems wrong template and wrong user applied, actually I deleted that template and user.

I don’t know if this is relevant but is there anything wrong? or is there anyother config I shoud validate to get the mail notification sent out?

Hi and welcome.

If the webinterface shows that a notification was sent and you didn’t receive it, then you should check the log file for errors during the expected notification sending.
/var/log/icinga2/icinga2.log will tell you if the script crashes during execution or if there is a parameter missing.

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