Help creating a specific rule that allows to view several host groups

Hi guys,

The way that we have set up our Icinga environment is that we have a couple of different host groups on the same machine to be able to divide the actual host and service problems to the specific host group and create rules that certain users can see certain hosts and services.

I wonder what the best way forward would be regarding what I want and what I can do because I got it to work with the Director, but it seems to be a lot harder with the monitoring module which is the one I really would want it to work with.

At the moment the system is running on 2.11.3-1 which will be upgraded shortly but guess I’ve been a bit lazy since this machine is only used internally, Icingaweb2 is 2.7.3.

Best regards

Nevermind, I figured out whilst googling…

It just took some fine tuning in what my query to the fine google was.

hostgroup_name=group_group1|hostgroup_name=group_group2|hostgroup_name=group_group3 etc etc-