Heads up on Dashing & Manubulon


for those using projects of mine, a quick heads up - I have left Icinga a while ago. I had planned otherwise, but new adventures often lead to new ways. It took me a while to realize, I was near a burnout on Icinga in 2019. Thankfully I have found a new love with GitLab :slight_smile:

Good news for everyone - community members have taken ownership of my sidekick projects.

Dashing for Icinga

Now lives at https://github.com/mocdaniel/dashing-icinga2

Manubulon SNMP Plugins

Maintained at https://github.com/SteScho/manubulon-snmp

They are probably linked in many places, and may need some documentation updates.

You will see me around in the monitoring/observability world. If you’re up for a :coffee: chat, ping me on Twitter.

Michael :fox_face:


Congratulations on your new role! And thank you for your tireless help here on these forums.

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Sad to hear you left! All the best for the new job! – And thanks for all the help in the past! :ok_hand: :+1:

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