Halp... after Director kickstart, all objects are missing

Please reply to https://github.com/Icinga/icingaweb2-module-director/issues/2104 if you have anything for me to try.

We upgraded postgresql on our host, and everything looked fine, all hosts were there, everything. Then I saw the endpoint for Director was disconnected. Seems a chicken/egg problem caused the kickstart to fail, so I reran it, went fine. After this, I noticed all our objects were gone, as if it was a new database

Solved with code in our script. Turns out kickstart never ran automated fine, and now it did, wiping out everything :slight_smile:

code we now use;

# Process kickstart
# Only fire this off once we give postgres a second to start
# Do NOT run if kickstart not required...
if [[ "${ICINGA2_FEATURE_DIRECTOR_KICKSTART}" == "true" ]]; then
    echo "Director kickstart requested, running sequence..."
    if icingacli director kickstart required; then
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Hey there,
thanks for posting your solution after you figured it out!