HA Master master install with director replication

objective is a master master cluster with director for configuring checks and hosts from one machine.

I have a newly installed icinga2 server(master1) installed with icinga2web and director(ubuntu20). I migrated the director DB from another machine that I am replacing. It was fun! but I now have a fully working system.
I want to form a HA cluster with another newly installed icinga2 machine (no director installed).
On master1 I ran the master node script ! Director was not amused and I had to tinker to get back to the original setup.
So how should I proceed??
I have read the docs and seen many posts but its not too clear how to set this up so director replicates configs and IDo between the two machine.
Should Zoning be done in director or the local conf files?
I could do with some clear guidlines.