HA Deployment with 2 Masters & 2 Satellites

I’m installing Icinga2 with 2 masters and 2 satellites. all other configurations are going well but when i run the Kickstart wizard in Director, then i see 2 masters there, but when the main master node goes down, the other master won’t show as a primary master.

i’ve stopped the icinga2 service on master 1 but as you can see it doesn’t switch to master 2 as primary.

Instead it throws error on everything and doesn’t let us deploy anything at all. it should switch to master 2 to work normally but it stay on master 1 whether master 1 is up or down. As you can see in screenshots.

i’ve read almost all the discussions and topics but nothing explains this error. one of the links is below:

Any help reagarding this will be much appreciated. Thanks!

Please if anyone can help in this matter it will be much appreciated as i am stuck with this for a long time now.