Graphite-web setup


I’m struggling to find the right tutorial to setup graphite integration in Icinga2. According to the installation guide here it’s recommended to use the prebuild packages. So I used the Icinga-graphite and Icinga-graphite-web package from the official Icinga repositories. I looked at setting-up-graphite-from-scratch-on-icinga-web-2 and how-to-install-and-configure-graphite-on-ubuntu-18-04 but it’s not clear to me which steps are necessary when working with prebuild packages.
For what I can see the logging of performance data in the whisper databases works. The Icinga modules work. Only the graphite-web is not configured correctly.

So my questions are:
What part of the configuration needs to be done when working with the prebuild packages?
Is it even possible to run this on the same server as icingaweb?

I’m using these packages:
icinga-graphite/icinga-bullseye,now 1.2.2-1+debian11
icinga-graphite-web/icinga-bullseye,now 1.2.2-1+debian11
graphite-carbon/stable,now 1.1.7-1
python3-whisper/stable,now 1.1.4-2.1
icinga2/icinga-bullseye,now 2.13.7-1+debian11
icingaweb2/icinga-bullseye,now 2.11.4-1+debian11

Hello Dieter!

I’m afraid Graphite Web has to be set up by itself so that you can navigate it through its web interface, independent of Icinga.

AFAIK we don’t package Graphite Web itself.


Hi Dieter,

this external guide works very well: