Graphite-Web 500 error on loading multiple graphs

I am having an issue with Icinga 2ā€™s Graphite-Web module. The module has been working perfectly in our fairly large Icinga deployment for a year now. Recently I changed a custom Solaris filesystem size check to return perfdata instead of just text output. This works fine on any host with up to ~10-20 results, but any hosts with more than this will cause issues with graphite.
So example host A below with only 3 filesystems being checked works just fine:

However, host B with 20+ filesystems returns a 500 error

In the Graphite-Web access log I can see the call being made:
[22/Jun/2020:16:16:33 +1000] "GET /metrics/expand? HTTP/1.1" 500 139009
But nothing appears in the Graphite Web/Icinga/Apache error logs to give any info on the actual 500 error.
Furthermore, if I plug that URL into a browser or poll it from curl it works without issue and returns with a 200.

Is there some sort of limit in a config file that Iā€™m missing, or was the Graphite Web plugin just not designed to handle large numbers of graphs on a single Icinga service object?
If anyone has any ideas on where the issue may lie or what I could do to get more information out of Icinga about the 500 error, it would be greatly appreciated.

Icinga 2 version: 2.11.2-1
Icinga Web 2 version: 2.7.3
Graphite version: 1.1.0
OS: CentOS 7.6.1810

After further testing and debugging I have confirmed that it is not an issue with Graphite, rather there is corruption of the data happening over the NRPE transfer.
For anyone interested: when performing NRPE checks which return data over a certain size I get random ā€˜Ć¹ā€™ characters appearing which do not appear when running scripts directly on hosts. When the Ć¹ characters appear in the perfdata section of the NRPE output it causes Graphite to error.

If anyone has come across this before tips would be most welcome, however this is not an Icinga or Graphite-web issue so the thread can be closed. Thank you


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