Graphite URL - No show port/url

Hi, Im trying to install Graphite. Module is installed correctly (I think because I can enable or disable) but I can’t get any stats. When I go to left corner “Graphite” I get:

The requested URL returned error: Failed to connect to XXXXX port 2003: Connection refused

I have same port in /etc/icinga2/features-enabled/graphite.conf and in interface Icinga -> Modules -> Backend Graphite

What URL I have to use to install correctly Graphite? What can I do?


Did you install graphite, graphite web and the other needed components?
The module only queries the graphite web interface to display the graphs.

There are several HowTos on installing graphite, two good ones posted by the community:

Thanks. I tried it but not luck, im going to try with Grafana…
With Graphite I have several problems with setup