Graphite-Timeseries Metrics storage

We have been using graphite as metrics storage… currently graphite storing only 6 hours worth of metrics…

here the storage-schemas.conf file…

pattern = ^carbon.
retentions = 1m:1d,10m:90d

pattern = .*
retentions = 1m:1d,5m:7d,30m:30d,1h:1y,1d:4y

storage-schemas.conf looks good? Along with storage-schemas.conf is there any place where i should need to update? I would like to store the metrics atleast 1 to 2 days… & I would like to understand the best practices to avoid the filesystem fillup…

Can you please advise on this?

Did you update storage-schemas after starting graphite? When it creates the whisper files, their time retentions are hard coded into the files. You would either need to use the whisper-resize script, or since you only have 6 hours anyway, just blow it away and start it back up.

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