Graphite | show extracted value in aliased string (through ini-file)

Hi everyone,

using graphite for quite a while, I was wondering, if it may be possible to have the extracted value of a metric in an aliased string.

So, I have in ini-file:
BSA020.value = “$service_name_template$.perfdata.BSA020.value”
BSA020.value = “alias(keepLastValue($metric$,4), ‘BSA020’)”

I do have my graph, x-axis shows “BSA020” as expected
My idea: x-axis showing “BSA020 (298)”
(298 is only an example)

I’ve played a lot now with $-Strings but somehow it does not show what I like to see.
The question of “why”: there are a LOT of lines in this particular graph, sometimes overlapping, so I’d be helpful to have values in brackets

Ran out of ideas, I’m not even sure if this is possible either way :-/

Thanks in Advance for any hints